When good things happen, we’ll see. When bad things happen, we’ll see.

Human life and its feelings are fluctuated like riding through mountainous landscape, it is easy to swift from peak to valley and back to peak again. When reaching a valley, sometimes we found a very deep one that make us think this is must be the deepest valley. But after continuing riding, we found another valley that apparently deeper than before. When we are deliberated from the scary valley and reaching a higher plateau land, we are abundant with joy that sometime make us think this is a final step, from now on everything is going to be good, we will be always in peak, without anticipated that another big hole waiting for us ahead.

What is the point of all of this? and how can we deal with this? Here a very good script from a series “David” by super deluxe channel. This 5 episode series, telling about the misery life of David (portrayed by Nathan Fielder) in slightly comedic way. David is a young but lonely and desperate guy who has to deal with illness, being fire from job, financial problem, and bad relationship with his ex wife. In the series finale, David try to hangs himself from a tree, until a sound from an invisible man telling him a story, below.

David I’m going to tell you a story. A poor man saved up and bought his son a beautiful white horse, even though he was very poor. One day the horse ran away, and the townspeople already told him, ha ha, you idiot. Spending all that money on a horse, now look you have nothing at all. But the old man just said, we will see.

The next day, the horse returned, bringing with him ten more beautiful white horses. And the people all said, you lucky as$hole. Look how many horses you have now. You are practically swimming in horses. But the old man said the same thing, we’ll see.

The next week the man’s son was grooming the horses when suddenly one of the horses kicked him square in the chest, which spooked the other horses, and they all trampled him to a pulp. At the hospital the townspeople saw the old man visiting his son and said, ha ha, you old bastard. That is for having so many horses in the first place, for rubbing your good fortune in our faces. And the old man said, we’ll see.

At the end of that year, war broke out with a neighboring country and all of the able bodied young men were drafted into the military. Except when they came to take the old man’s son, they saw that his bones had not healed properly. His nose was way off to one side. He had a twisted spine. And one of his legs was shaped basically like a staircase. Obviously he was deemed unfit for military service. And after the war the townspeople said, old man goddammit, you must be lucky after all. Our boys were taken to the front lines where they were cut down by artillery fire and mailed back to us in horrible little boxes. But you, you still have your son. And that was true. He did still have his son. But guess what the old man said. We’ll see ? Right.

There is a saying in the woods, David. Good timber isn’t born with ease, the stronger the breeze the stronger the trees. Seed your misfortunes, grow them into something worthwhile. Focus on each individual moment. And beauty and joy will begin to reveal themself to you, even in the unlikeliest of places. In some tree, for example, around your head, on a hill, under a bridge. Behind you, below your feet.

What a message! No more words need to explain it.


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